Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Classy, affordable, quiet

Sectional overhead garage doors are designed with limited space in mind!

Sectional Overhead Garage Door mechanism

Sectional Overhead Garage Door mechanism

Whether you have a short driveway with limited space for parking, prohibiting the use of a tip-up door, or whether you simply prefer the mechanical operation of a door that appears to vanish into the ceiling, these doors add a certain touch of class to any home.

They are available in:

  • Alu-Zinc

  • Fibre-Glass

  • Meranti

  • Aluminium

Horizontal slat or raised-and-fielded designs are available, and the non-wooden doors can be colour-coded to your requirements. The standard colours are :Bronze, White, Brown and Charcoal:

Brown aluzinc garage door


White Aluzinc Garage Door


Brown Aluzinc garage door



Charcoal AluZinc Block Garage Door

Standard AluZinc Colours