Sectional Overhead Automations

Doorman SD03 (Sectional Garage Door Motor)


  • Designed to automate residential Sectional overhead type garage doors
  • Operates on 220Volt mains supply, equipped with battery back up (included) in the event of a power failure  Garage Door Opener
  • Soft start & soft stop (for smoother operation)
  • On-board single channel receiver for 15 full operations via remote control
  • 800NM
  • Open and closed positions control electronically for precise stop/start positioning
  • Electronic Anti-crush setting for safer operation (added safety)
  • Flip-open lid with easy access for bulb replacement
  • Courtesy light (1 Minute)



DC Blue Advanced (Sectional Garage Door Motor)


  • Battery Back-up (Battery Included)DC Blue Advanced Garage Door Motor
  • LED programming and fault display
  • LED courtesy light
  • Powerful 1000NM motor
  • Safety beam input
  • Adjustable electronic limits and force control
  • Selectable automatic closing
  • On-board dual channel rolling code radio receiver (©G&C Electronics CC T/A E.T. Systems 2010)
  • 2 x 4 button dual technology remotes
  • Audible diagnostics
  • Electronic lock-out
  • Optional external status, light and lock control